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101 - 7/8" 50 ohm

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Category: Hardware Kits
7/8" Hardware set for flanges, stainless steel. .13lbs
7/8" Field flange adapter, pressurized, soft solder type .42lbs.
7/8" Flange adapter, unpressurized clamp-type for indoor use. Includes hardware and line clamp. .56lbs
Category: Line Cover
7/8" Cover cap with 1/8" NPT gas inlet plug. .42lbs.
7/8" 50 ohm unpressurized coupling assembly with supported inner conductor connector and two line clamps .26lbs.
7/8" Outer Conductor coupling clamp unpressurized. Includes two line clamps. (Does not increase outer conductor length.) .1lbs
7/8" 50 ohm unsupported silver plated inner conductor connector. (Use 101-017 when support is required.) .02lbs.
7/8" 50 ohm elbow, 90 degree, swivel flanged, reinforced inside and outside. Includes anchor insulator connector, "O" ring, hardware. 1.3lbs.

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